Start your engines!!
Are you ready for the wildest thrill ride Gotham Garage has to offer? Mark Towle has again taken cartoonology to the next level. He is now offering the one and only officially licensed racer’s family own specialized high tech, hell on wheels, the Mach 5. From the buzzing saw blades to the periscope camera--this car has it all. Built with the all American screaming power of a C4 corvette chassis, custom rocket red leather interior, custom speed racer steering wheel, and custom speed racer wheels and as always with Gotham Garage -- it has a showroom custom paint job. This car will bring you a victory every time. The beauty of owning this awesome ride is that it is built for show and go--you can use it for conventions, promotions or creating its own business. This car will pay for itself. Pops would take his hat off to Mark Towle and Speed Racer himself would be jazzed to fly this car down the track. So you yourself could become Speed Racer, so call now to own your very own Speed Racer Mach 5.

Go Speed Racer, Go Speed Racer, Goooooo!!!!!

Call the garage for more details (605)254-5259.