Mark Towle builds Growling Dogs that rumble roar and bite! From the same hard core school as Jesse James and Billy Lane, Mark Towle is a Bikers Biker and this makes him experienced and knowledgeable in what makes you ride the jaw dropper chicks drool over...."Copy that gentlemen"! Custom created to your specs, Towle's bikes and choppers are now available for purchase. Get your Richter Ride now so you can customize the build to suit your inner spirit. Be the Bad Boy on your block next Bike Week in a muscle bound chromed out custom painted Chopper! Step up and own one of M.T.'s Bad Ass Rides Completely custom, gleaming and hand fabricated masterpiece by the Master Fabricator. At Gotham Garage we pride ourselves on the shear talent and style of Mark Towle and what he does best build custom made rides for show and go ..That is what Towle does at Gotham Garage and the Gotham monster bad to the bone chopper is no different . Mark Towle takes ownership and pride in his work from the fact that he simply digs his gig and is passionate about the things he does and the way he choses to live his life that is at 185 miles per hour. This means every Chopper is created as though it was personally his own ride. when you look at one of Mark Towels killer createauttions you will be admiring show room perfect quality and , notice the perfect fit of the sheetmetal, or fiberglass the components accurately assembled with care and the creative, hand painted artwork. Every motorcycle is guaranteed to be a driver as anything Towle does built for show and go to insure it’s absolutely a perfect running machine before you ship it from the Gotham garage facility. He is good at what he does and it shows for sure baby From sales to service, frames to paint, to the customer, we stand by our product with pride and honor. Here let me sum this up... From the angle of the rake to the multi-layered wild styled paint, custom created chrome add-ons and powered by SS engines, you assist is designing the baddest dawg on your block. Hang On if you can and grab life by the balls and enjoy another day in just doesn't get any better Contact Kory for more info on how you can obtain your Custom built chopper Gotham Garage Style.